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Cash Out Refinance FAQ

Cash Out Refinance FAQ

Cash out refinancing questions and answers.

How much can I cash out when refinancing?

Eligible borrowers may qualify to take out up to 80% of their homes equity in a cash out refinance. So if your home is worth $200,000 you should qualify to take out up to $160,000. This 80% loan-to-value (LTV) option is available with both conventional and FHA loans. The only exception to the maximum 80% LTV is with a VA cash out refinance, which allow up to 100% financing (VA loans are only available for veterans).

Does cash out refinancing count as income or affect taxes?

Please verify all tax related questions with a certified tax accountant. The general consensus to this question is that it does not count as income. When you sell your property all profits will considered taxable income, but not money received through a refinance.

Can you do a cash out refinance on an FHA loan?

Yes, you can refinance with cash out using an FHA loan.  You may be eligible for an FHA cash out refinance loan whether you are currently on a FHA loan or not. So if you want to switch from a conventional loan to an FHA loan and take cash out in the process this is allowed for qualifying applicants.

Can you do a cash out refinance on a VA loan?

Yes, you can take cash out on a VA loan. I’m fact, the Veterans Administration provides what are considered the best loan terms, including the highest maximum LTV on cash out refinances (eligible veterans may qualify for a 100% loan on the appraised value).

Should I refinance to pay off debt?

Cash out refinance loans are most commonly for the purpose of consolidating or paying off debts, such as credit cards, auto loans, and more. Refinancing to pay off debts that carry high interest rates can save you a lot of money other long run.

How does a cash out refinance work?

A cash out refinance consists of receiving a loan amount higher than the principle loan balance and loan fees. The difference between the total new loan amount and the payoff of your current mortgage and loan fees will be rewarded to the borrower when the loan is closed and funded. So if you owe $100,000 and take out a $200,000 loan you will be rewarded $100,000 upon the loan funding (minus any fees associated with the new loan).

Can I cash out refinance a rental property?

Yes, investment and rental properties are eligible for a cash out refinance. We provide financing up to 75% on second homes, vacation homes, and investment properties.

How soon can I cash out refinance?

In some cases, you must have owned your home for at least 12 months and with no late mortgage payments. However, we have some program exceptions that allow us to approve your application for a cash out refinance after 6 months of the close date of your current home loan.

Can I do a cash out refinance in Texas?

There are unique laws in Texas such as being limited to 80% LTV, and VA cash out loans are not available in Texas.  To learn more about refinancing to cash out in Texas, please visit this page.

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